Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kastellorizian Club of Victoria Blog

We have just introduced a blog site for all you Kazzies, in Australia and around the word, to post information on subjects and matters you would like to share.

You can post a comment as "anonymous' or select a profile from the drop-down box eg. Google account etc...

We would love to hear from you

Happy blogging!


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  2. Yasas Kazies
    My name is Michali Canaris from West End Brisbane Australia.
    I am an x engineer in my 50's, now a fulltime latin tumpeter/singer- musician with my band of 24 years.
    I have thought to return to build from the ruins of my mothers old house, & play music casually.
    Its still a dream that may never happen,any way, just writtin to see if by any luck in this world there would be a greek ozy keyboard player or guitarist who my have the same interests [07]38467156